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Healthcare is constantly evolving; it can sometimes be hard to keep up and stop the spread of pathogens but by ensuring you use a range of Clorox Healthcare products to disinfect, that’s one less thing to worry about. Hospitals are a place where patients go to receive treatment and get better. Fulfil your hospital’s silent promise today and order a sample pack of our best hospital grade cleaning products.

Hospitals are safe havens where people get better, grow stronger and stay healthy. But in these environments, pathogens can sometimes persist; and when they do, even the most unassuming surfaces can threaten then safety around them. Fulfil your hospital’s silent promise today and order a sample pack of our best hospital grade cleaning products.

Why do you need to disinfect?

Why do you need to disinfect?


Disease-causing organisms and other harmful bacteria are everywhere, and these pathogens can rapidly spread making them highly dangerous, especially in an environment such as a hospital.

This alone is one of the main reasons why it’s so important to ensure hospitals and other healthcare facilities remain sterile and receive the best disinfection cleaning.


Choosing the right disinfectant:

Choosing a hospital grade disinfectant is no simple task. Especially when it’s your responsibility to keep staff and hospital visitors safe. Every product you use has to deliver. It’s important for each healthcare facility to evaluate their needs and assess accordingly - are you vulnerable to any particular pathogen? Would a hydrogen peroxide disinfectant be more suitable? And the list goes on.


Not every disinfectant meets all needs, especially for the healthcare industry, some may not disinfect straight away, thus it is important to consider the contact time for each disinfectant. Also, another important criteria is the ease of application along with efficacy and convenience, ideally it should have a pleasant smell when using in your hospital or healthcare facility. 


Get the tools you need to help inform your decisions from our training center for industry related healthcare videos, helpful resources, and how to guides.

Why are Hospitals high risk areas?

Why are Hospitals high risk areas? Cleaning within hospitals isn’t an easy job, especially when the lives of patients may be at risk, given the high traffic of patients, doctors and visitors that pass through each day. These are the primary factors that make hospitals and other healthcare facilities high risk to infection, where pathogens or spores can easily spread, it’s important to know you have world class cleaning and disinfection products to help combat this.

Offering a range of different disinfectants in convenient forms, such as Clorox Healthcare® Professional Disinfecting Bleach Wipes or our FuzionTM Cleaner disinfectant, a convenient go-to handheld spray. Our healthcare products come with a level of reliability that you can trust, helping you maintain your silent promise to your patients and employees.

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No matter what your healthcare facility’s needs are, every case is unique and when it comes to fighting pathogens, with Clorox Healthcare® products in your arsenal, you won’t have to worry.

  •  Bleach-based products
  •  Hydrogen peroxide-based products
  •  Ready-to-use formulations

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