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There are plenty of questions surrounding bleach and disinfection.
Here are answers to some of the most common.

Rest assured that bleach is safe when used as directed. Bleach contains no volatile organic compounds, and no free chlorine.

The scent occurs as a reaction between the bleach and the organisms on the surface, and dissipates with continued use as the pathogens are repeatedly killed.

 Always read the label. Bleach should not be mixed with other household compounds such as ammonia.

Contact time, also known as “kill time,” is the amount of time a product must remain visibly wet on a surface in order to effectively kill microorganisms. These times usually fall between 1 to10 minutes depending on the product and the pathogen.

When disinfectants aren’t left on surfaces for a sufficient amount of time, there’s a risk that the microorganisms will not be completely killed, which can pose a threat of infection.

After using bleach products, you may notice a light residue left on the surface. This is simply soap and salt, and can be wiped away with a clean dry or damp microfibre cloth.

It’s best to remove residue with each use of a bleach product to prevent future build-up. Or if not with every use, as often as possible.

No, bleach doesn’t cause asthma symptoms. The chemical ingredients don’t contain any known asthmagens, and the low levels of sodium hypochlorite don’t pose any hazards to the respiratory system.

In fact, research shows that the use of bleach can actually reduce the antigens that trigger asthmatic symptoms.

There’s more than one path to sustainability. Because Clorox® wipes are disposable, they don’t require laundering, which means less energy, heat, and time spent for your facility.

To reduce waste, you can purchase starter kits and replenish reusable buckets with refill pouches, eliminating the need to dispose of containers.

Don’t worry. We also offer Clorox Healthcare® Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner Disinfectant Wipes, which provide best-in-class disinfecting times and cleaning power in a fragrance-free formulation.

These effective disinfectants kill 38 organisms in 60 seconds or less – the fastest non-bleach disinfecting times in Canada, making them a great bleach-free alternative.

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